The Secret Power of Hugs

Touch-Me-Not Last week my wife had a heart procedure and needed several days of quiet rest.  A few days later I got this email from a dear friend:  “Hello!  I don’t want to interrupt you in person, so here is a HUG from our house!  Hope all is well.  Love, Kevin.” That simple message brought … Read more

Winning The War In Your Mind

Winning the War In Your Mind by Craig Groeschel is spot-on with its subtitle:  Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.  If you’ve never heard of him, Groeschel is the founding and senior pastor of Life.Church, one of the largest churches in the world with multiple campuses.  He’s a handsome, charismatic speaker and a best-selling author with … Read more

The Advantages of Optimism

Three men are having a discussion.  “I’m a pessimist,” says one.  “I’m an optimist,” says the second. Both men turn to the third.  “Which are you?” “Neither,” the third man replies.  “I’m a peptimist.” The first man snorts.  “A peptimist?  What’s that?” “Well,”  the third man explains, “A pessimist is someone who says ‘It can’t … Read more